2013 Doha World Cup: Videos and Results


Rank Gymnast Score Download
1st Thi Ha Thanh Phan 14.825 Download
2nd Larissa Iordache 14.675 Download
3rd Giulia Steingruber 14.662 Download
4th Un Ha Ri 14.437 Download
5th Teja Belak 13.725 Download
6th Kirsten Beckett 13.512 Download
7th Adrian Gomes 13.300 Download
8th Jordyn Pedersen 13.125 Download
9th Aljazy Al-Habshi 12.025 Download

Uneven Bars

Rank Gymnast Score Download
1st Tan Jiajin 14.850 Download
2nd Rubby Harold 14.500 Download
3rd Gabrielle Jupp 14.925 Download
4th Giulia Stengruber 14.825 Download
5th Diana Bulimar 13.750 Download
6th Siqi Zeng 13.325 Download
7th Larisa Iordache 13.325 Download
8th Lisa Verschueren 12.400 Download

Balance Beam

Rank Gymnast Score Download
1st Larisa Iordache 14.950 Download
2nd Siqi Zeng 14.675 Download
3rd Gabrille Jupp 14.662 Download
4th Diana Bulimar 14.437 Download
5th Ilaria Kaeslin 13.725 Download
6th Teja Belak 13.512 Download
7th Jessica Diacci 13.300 Download
8th Ang Tracie 13.125 Download

Floor Exercise

Rank Gymnast Score Download
1st Diana Bulimar 14.625 Download
2nd Larissa Iordache 14.425 Download
3rd Siqi Zeng 14.650 Download
4th Gabrielle Jupp 13.975 Download
5th Kirsten Beckett 13.750 Download
6th Qing Zhang 13.725 Download
7th Katharina Hill 13.000 Download
8th Ilaria Kaeslin 12.525 Download

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